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The Bangkok Tour

Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days
Route: Bangkok – Kanchanaburi – Ayutthaya – Pattaya

Tour Description :

If you are looking for a trip to Thailand and explore Bangkok and its nearby places than this well designed tour package by LDV is the right one for you. The Bangkok tour will give you a chance to scroll through one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Explore the streets of Bangkok, have a wonderful shopping experience or enjoy the notorious night life of the city, but one thing is for sure you will never be bored in Bangkok. The tour starts from Bangkok and takes you through the region of natural beauty and war history in Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya and ends at Pattaya the city of beautiful beaches, floating market and ancient Buddhist monuments.


Day 1-2: Bangkok

Begin your journey in the capital city of Bangkok. Pick your accommodation in the vibrant backpackers’ district Khao San Road, and spend the first two days exploring the Grand Palace and ornate temples that Bangkok is famous for. You can also take a cruise along the Chao Phraya River or take a Thai cooking class if you want a more relaxing day.

Day 3-4: Kanchanaburi

On day 3, travel westward to Kanchanaburi. With two days to spend here, you can experience both the breathtaking nature and the heartbreaking history of this large province. Spend the first day learning about the history of World War II in Thailand by visiting the infamous Bridge on the River Kwai, the War Cemetery, and the Jeath War Museum. You can also take a ride on the “Death Railway,” the railroad commissioned by the Japanese imperial army and built almost entirely by forced labour. On the second day, visit Erawan National Park to see the waterfalls. You can also visit the Erawan Museum and its stunning gardens, or visit the local elephant camp. At the end of the day, travel eastward to Ayutthaya.

Day 5: Ayutthaya

The former capital city, Ayutthaya is known for its ancient Buddhist temples. The most famous sites in Ayutthaya include a Buddha’s head entwined in tree roots and a large reclining Buddha. You can also visit the nearby Summer Palace, Bang Pa-In, and admire the amalgamation of Thai, European, and Chinese architecture. In the evening, you have to return to Bangkok for the night.

Day 6 -7: Pattaya

Early the next morning, take a flight from Bangkok to Pattaya. Over the next two days, check out the Big Buddha of Wat Phra Yai or admire the Sanctuary of Truth, a wooden monument dedicated to philosophy and art rather than materialism. You can also venture outside of the city to visit the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens, Buddha Mountain, and Pattaya Floating Market. At night, enjoy a cabaret show or go to the clubs. On the afternoon of Day 7, take a flight back to your home country.

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