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Visitors are usually asked if they have anything to declare on arrival. You should not bring in more than US$10,000 in cash without declaring it. Likewise, video and camera equipment and other expensive, easily sold items should be declared on arrival. If the customs officers issues you are Tourist Baggage Re-export Form (TBRE) detailing the items declared and their value, these items must be shown when leaving the country. If currency was declared and noted when entering the country, exchange receipts must be shown on departure if you take less than declared amount out. India allows one bottle of spirits, 200 cigarettes and a reasonable amount of gifts to be imported free of duty.

Souvenirs can be exported from India without restriction. Only Rs2.000 worth of gold and up to Rs10,000 worth of manufactured jewellery or precious stones can be exported without the permit. Any object over 100 years old needs an export certificate from the Director of Antiquities, Archaeological survey of India. India is a signatory to CITES and the export of ivory, animals and snake skins and products made from them is forbidden. CITES certificates can be issued by the Deputy Director of Wildlife Preservation in the major cities. They should fill in the Disembarkation card handed over to them by the airline during the course of the flight. There are two channels for Customs clearance:

Green Channel: For passengers not in possession of any dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage.

Red Channel: For passengers with dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage or high value articles to be entered on the Tourist Baggage Re-Export Form.

Exports of Antiquities

Antiquities which include sculpture, paintings or other works of art & crafts, illustrative of science, art, crafts, religion of bygone ages & of historical interest which have been in existence for not less than one hundred years may not be exported out of India. Manuscripts, or other documents of scientific, historical, literary or aesthetic value in existence for not less than seventy five years; art treasures- not necessarily antiquities but of artistic & aesthetic value, also cannot be exported out of India. For Clarifications on the antiquity, tourists can contact the following authorities.

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